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Weekly Report -- 3/11/2017




Finished adding the core of nDAG client support to libtrace. Still a little bit of polish required before it is officially finished, but it seems to work. Managed to get around 3.5 - 4 Gbps of multicast to the libtrace client without losing anything, which is not too bad. Once I increase the data rate, it looks like the switch is dropping multicast packets rather than the client themselves so I may be starting to run into some hardware limitations.

Spent a bit of time playing around with libtasn1 and the ETSI ASN.1 specification to see how I can use the library to create some ETSI headers for packet encapsulation. Went public with a proposal for an open-source ETSI lawful intercept tool on Friday and have already got some encouraging responses.

Still seeing new patterns in the Waikato traffic, so libprotoident continues to improve. Reached 450 supported protocols this week -- next landmark is 500.