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Weekly Report -- 31/05/2013




Finished fixing the URLs in amp-web so that they are ordered sensibly and can support NNTSC streams that are defined using more than just "source" and "target". I also changed the ordering of the timestamps in the URL so that we can specify a start and end time for the detailed graph only (sensible defaults for the summary graph are meant to be chosen in this case). This is really handy when creating URLs that link to graphs showing events.

Started looking into what needed to be done to prepare NNTSC and netevmon for packaging and a possible distribution for our friends at Lightwire. Spent a decent chunk of time writing a README that should describe exactly how to get a NNTSC instance up and running.

NNTSC and netevmon both have tracs now and I've added a series of tickets to each with the aim of getting a release ready for Lightwire by the end of the month.