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Weekly Report -3/10/13




The past couple of weeks have been less productive than I would have liked, whatwith it being the end of the semester and final assignments and exam marking needing to be done. I managed to integrate the Symboliser and TEntropyCalculator with the existing Netevmon code, which produced an average t-entropy value that was then put through a PlateauLevelDetector. However, there were a considerate number of False Positives and False Negatives which were rather discouraging. I knew that the actual t-entropy calculation was correct (after running the original source code and comparing values), so the problem had to be with the strings that were produced by the Symboliser. This meant that I had to spend a lot of time tinkering with the metrics and different parameters of the Symboliser to improve the strings produced in such a way that it would accurately represent the nature of the traffic.

Plan for the following week: keep on refining the metrics and experiment with different parameter values (e.g. shorter/longer string lengths, etc). And also possibly start reading up on the Demspter-Schafer belief theory and finding a decent detector that might be implemented by one of the Summer Research students.