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Weekly Report -- 30/11/2012




Back into the swing of things this week. Continued collecting traces of various popular Internet applications to use for validating L7 Filter. So far, L7 Filter is very disappointing - it cannot even correctly classify some basic HTTP flows and often misclassifies SSL traffic as Skype.

Worked with Meenakshee to develop a proper LPI collector that we can run on passive monitors and write live application stats to a database (ideally using Nathan's code). The new collector will use libwandevent and export its results over the network rather than via stdout. To help with this, I extracted the counter / statistic management code from the old lpi_live tool and tidied it up for more general purpose use. Updated lpi_live to use the extracted code.

Spent my spare moments looking over Richard's new ring buffer code for Linux native interfaces in libtrace. In particular, my aim has been test it in situations outside of the standard libtrace paradigm, e.g. using trace_event(), trace_copy_packet() and exporting over the RT protocol.

Alistair from CAIDA has updated libtrace and wdcap for capturing using the BSD native interface (something we never did, so the code was missing or half-assed). I've started integrating his changes back into both code-bases and will also look at the problem of decoding RT packets that were capturing using a native interface that is not supported by the recipient machine, e.g. BPF packets exported to a Linux host.