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Weekly Report 30-6-2015




Manged to set up static IP for the gateway device:
required a clean install of the OS and radvd (had multiple version of radvd installed leading to unusual behavior).
Adding static config the /etc/network/interfaces file, then required an ifdown/ifup to refresh the configurations of the interface. Needed to add the interface the ifstate file in order for if* to work (/run/network/ifstate added: lowpan0=lowpan0) however this file is not persistent so changes may need to be replicated each boot.
Upon reboot the static config was missing - still looking into the source of the problem (address is assigned after a ifdown/ifup on the lowpan0 interface.)

Installed bind9 as the dns services, configured local zone and have working ipv4 local name resolution, still checks outside if local cannot resolve name (kept it this way in case the gateway needs to be connected to the internet), however it does not have working ipv6 name resolution yet.