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Weekly Report -- 29/03/2013




Exporting from NNTSC is now back to a functional state and the whole event detection chain is back online. Added table and view descriptions for more complicated AMP tests; traceroute, http2 and udpstream are now all present. Hopefully we can get new AMP collecting and reporting data for these tests soon so we can test whether it actually works!

Had some user-sourced libtrace patches come in, so spent a bit of time integrating these into the source tree and testing the results. One simply cleans up the libpacketdump install directory to not create as many useless or unused files (e.g. static libraries and versioned library symlinks). The other adds support for the OpenBSD loopback DLT, which is actually a real nuisance because OpenBSD isn't entirely consistent with other OS's as to the values of some DLTs.

Helped Nathan with some TCP issues that Lightwire were seeing on a link. Was nice to have an excuse to bust out tcptrace again...

Looks like my L7 Filter paper is going to be rejected. Started thinking about ways in which it can be reworked to be more palatable, maybe present it as a comparative evaluation of open-source traffic classifiers instead.