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Weekly Report - 27/3/15




First to catch up on the previous weeks, I created my brief and proposal (see attached for more info).

This week my goal was to become familiar with using the tool Mallet which I will use to analyse log files.

There aren't many tutorials on Mallet but I Found some good ones on using the command line interface (CLI) and I should be able to accomplish most of what I want to do just with the CLI; I will use it for now to start my testing and will possibly move onto the java API if I need to perform something more complicated than what is capable with the CLI.

I then looked further into Mallet's java API and there aren't really any tutorials on how to use it but if I need to accomplish something more complicated a combination of the example files and docs should be sufficient to make a useful program.

The next step is to get some log files from Syslog or var/log and start converting them to Mallet's file format ".mallet" (which could be a single file or an entire directory) and then run the data through some machine learning methods.

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