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Weekly Report -- 26/10/2012




Finished up my basic analysis of the libprotoident data from last month. Wrote a blog post (that's on the front page of the website) presenting and discussing the latest results. Some pretty interesting trends are becoming apparent - the surge in HTTPS traffic and the movement towards UDP BitTorrent being the two main ones - which are begging for further investigation.

Continued looking at unknown traffic in libprotoident -- spent much of Friday investigating Korean P2P apps to try and resolve a mystery application that has a very obvious payload pattern, but had little success. Did get to watch a few Starcraft championship games though :)

Wrote and presented a practice version of my IMC talk. Got a few refinements to make but mostly I need to streamline the whole thing so I can deliver it in around 10 minutes without sounding like I'm hyped up on amphetamines.