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Weekly Report -- 26/08/2016




Started looking at the most common patterns in my example sysdig logs. It's pretty obvious that we can easily recognise some low-level actions based on the sequence of system calls and produce models that can be used to identify them. For example, loading a .so shared library will generally result in the same sequence of system calls (with some minor variations) and therefore that can be expressed as a finite state machine.

Developed FSMs for four low level actions: loading a .so library, loading a python module, receiving a typed character via ssh and reading a modprobe config file. Implemented the SSH action as code so I can now find and replace those sequences in the logs with a single SSHCharInput action.

Helped Brendon install NNTSC, ampy and amp-web packages on one of our existing deployments on Thursday. We ended up with a problem where NNTSC would not return query data to the web-site and it took a lot of time (and debugging) to find the source of our problem: incongruous versions of psycopg2 in pip vs the debian package.

Started prepping a libprotoident release. libprotoident is moving to an LGPL license so I've had to replace the blurb at the top of every source file. Been working through the usual pre-release testing and ChangeLog updating.

Spent Wednesday at the Honours conference. I thought all of our students presented well and gave good accounts of their work so far.