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Weekly report




What happened this week:

  • Spent a large chunk of the week working with Shane and Brendon to clean up some of our Wand projects (BSOD, AMP) to show off to potential students at open day. Ran into some pretty funky bugs in BSOD that Shane spent time fixing.

  • Met with a student who wants to do some work experience in the Computer Science department in July. Potentially going to spend some days with Wand, so if you have any fun projects for them to work on to get them excited about Computer Science flick me a message.

  • Met with our Dell pre-sales guy to work out what Dell solutions we can use to build some new hardware for AMP / ISP capture boxes. Going over what was discussed and getting some invoices generated next week to see how much they cost.

  • Finally, Friday was our annual Open Day. We manned the stall in S-block most of the day trying to generate interest by showing off Wand projects. Talked to many potential (and current) students.