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Weekly report




What happened this week:

  • Helped Grace get up to speed with the KVM/Libvirt knowledge required to run an openstack instance. Also touched on how the virtual networking inside openstack works and how linux bridging works. I believe we're pretty close to having a working cloud controller and I've begun building a second server which will be used as a compute server in our "cloud".

  • Spent a bit of time working on bearwall and with the help of Chris Browning released version 1.08 which you can get from

  • Started building a looking-glass server for use at Wand, found bird-lg which looks quite shiny. Have deployed bird-lg in a testing environment at the moment, in talks with an ISP for a BGP feed that will carry a full route table.

  • Got the ENEL211 marking system up and running for an assignment that is coming up soon.