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Weekly Report -- 23/11/2012




The week before I left for IMC:
* Finished my draft of the libprotoident paper for TMA. Because of the broken Auckland box, I wasn't able to re-run my analysis using the more up-to-date classification software. Instead, I've just submitted a draft based on the old results, with an eye to possibly updating them should we get accepted.
* Released a new version of libprotoident including all the new protocol rules that I'd added over the past couple of weeks.
* Started working on a little project to measure exactly how hopeless L7 Filter is for traffic classification. So many papers and tools use L7 Filter as either the basis for their rules or as ground truth for validation, which I think is a very bad idea. Hoping to get a paper out of it all. The initial phase of my evaluation involves capturing traffic from a number of common Internet applications and testing whether L7 Filter can correctly identify them. So far, it has managed to get 1/3 right :)

Spent the week before last in Boston for IMC. Managed to successfully present my paper on the Copyright Amendment Act and got a fairly good reception. Also got a chance to meet a few folks and put some faces to names. Some of the presentations were interesting, but there was also a lot of stuff that I found to be less useful (social networks lol).