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Weekly Report -- 22/07/2011




Released maji-1.0.2 on Monday.

Continued processing trace sets to generate results for my graphs. I soon realised that manually updating the scripts that convert the results into graphs was taking a horrendously long time (and was also incredibly tedious), so started working on a different script that could automatically generate the bash and gnuplot scripts I had been using. I can then just add a single line to the script for each new dataset and the graphs will be created from there.

This hasn't been entirely straightforward - each different type of graph has subtle differences that prevent me from using a single generic "make CDF" or "make time series" function. Still, it seems to be working well, just need to add code for the last few analysis types that I've done.

Found out over the weekend that the libtrace paper was rejected by IMC again, but the inbound sessions paper was accepted by ATNAC.