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Weekly Report -- 22/03/2013




Turns out that once again, the current design of NNTSC didn't quite meet all of the requirements for storing AMP data. The more complicated traceroute and HTTP tests needed multiple tables for storing their results, which wasn't quite going to work with the "one stream table, one data table" design I had implemented.

Managed to come up with a new design that will hopefully satisfy Brendon while still allowing for a consistent querying approach. Implemented the data collection side of this, including creating tables for the traceroute test. This was a bit trickier than planned, because SQLAlchemy doesn't natively support views and also the traceroute view was rather complicated.

Currently working on updating the exporting side to use id numbers to identify collections rather than names, since there is no longer any guarantee that the data will be located in a table called "data_" + module + module_subtype.

Also spent a fair bit of time reading over Meenakshee's report and covering it in red pen. Pretty happy with how it is coming together.