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Weekly Report - 21/07/13




I started working on my Masters project on the 8th July. My project is titled "Rating the Significance of Detected Network Events" and so far, I have read parts of Andreas' thesis to get a better understanding about anomaly detection techniques and belief theory. I have also spent a fair amount of time looking over the detectors being used by Netevmon. Currently, I am in the process of documenting the current state of the event detectors for possible inclusion in the thesis, but mostly for a better understanding of the current system, its shortcomings and future extensions.

The plan for next week is to finish documenting the remaining detectors(3 left), and get some reading done about event detection in time-series data(not necessarily network time-series data) and look at some methods used by Netevmon(Arima-Shrewhart) and Andreas(Dempster-Shafer). I also want to have a better look at a forecasting method Andreas wrote about and implemented: Adaptive Single Exponential Smoothing since I will probably try to test it at some point in the future.