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Weekly Report - 20/01/12




This week I've been debugging a lot. Found out that some of the edges have had their data switched around. E.g. node A to node B had node B to node A's data. This was a very subtle bug as only some of the edges have this.

After a few days of debugging, it turns out that the arc tangent passed in to draw the edge was sometimes 180 degrees off because the method used (Math.atan) only returns a value between -pi/2 and pi/2. This cause the edges to 'flip' around (edge drawn reversely) which is the reason why some of the data was switched around.

I've also been experimenting different ideas with the 'hidden edge problem'. Currently, I've just hard-coded in some edges for the top level only, so that the edges are not hidden. I'll attempt to find a better solution later on.