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Weekly Report -- 19/08/2016




Worked on the camera-ready version of my IMC paper. Managed to add some nice content to address the reviewer feedback we got, only to find that I had been using a font size that was too small (i.e. the default font size that every previous IMC has ever used). Unfortunately, switching to the bigger font size would mean I would have to remove almost all the new content I had added, so I'm hoping the PC chairs will change their mind and revert back to the old font size.

Wrote the basic architecture for a provenance log parsing library that can be used with both live progger records and sysdig log files. This will replace the old progger-central which I had written as a hacky PoC which was in danger of becoming production code otherwise.

Got my script to extract common patterns from Sysdig logs working reasonably well. Took a few attempts to get some nicely formatted output that contains all the information I should need to track down what actions are causing the repeated patterns.

Spent a fair bit of time helping CROW get a handle on the Endace Probe, what it can do and how it might fit into their research goals.

Listened to our 520 student practice talks on Thursday. The projects themselves are pretty good -- just the usual issue of the students underselling just how much actual work they had put in to the development side of their project.