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Weekly Report




Finally doing these again.

Got an implementation of PMIPv6 working in a virtualized environment.I was having trouble with tunnelling between two nodes, but this turned out to be an issue with kernel and then the Linux routing tables. Recompiling the kernel fixed most of the issues. I was able to validate my understanding of the protocol and how it functions by using a virtual switch (thanks to Brad for helping me with this) to configure vlans to make the mobile device appear to be connected constantly even though it was moving between access nodes. Essentially the mobile devices moves between access points or cell towers and then the nodes inside the core network perform Mobile IPv6 on their behalf. Was able to determine that even with tunnelling, I could still access parts of the network I shouldn't be able to. This was fixed with a simple firewall rule on the LMA node.

This week (starting Monday 12th) will a short week in the lab for me, so I'll need to do extra at home.