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Weekly Report -- 18/11/2016




Double report due to being away at IMC.

Gave a practice run of my IMC talk. Still needed to carve out some content and streamline it a bit, so spent more time working on that.

Documented the process for adding a new metric (i.e. a new graph/matrix for an existing collection) to the AMP website. Worked through an example by adding HTTP page size to my development website. Identified a number of issues with some of the terminology in the amp-web code that need to be fixed in the long run, but this will probably require a decent bit of code re-architecting.

Attended IMC in Santa Monica. Talk seemed to go over pretty well and it was great to catch up with people I had met at AIMS earlier this year, as well as some familiar faces from previous IMCs. Took the opportunity to have a brief holiday in L.A. afterwards.