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Weekly Report -- 17/03/2017




Finished porting the remaining libprotoident tools to be parallel-compatible. Spent a couple of days looking at unknown payload patterns in some recent Uni traffic -- unfortunately I wasn't able to make much tangible progress on identifying much of the unknown traffic.

Worked on implementing an algorithm for finding tandem repeats in strings, with the eventual aim of porting it over to work with my system call sequences. The published algorithm consists of three phases, but each of those phases has either involved looking up and implementing several other string processing algorithms (LZ-decomposition, longest common extension) or has required modifications to my existing suffix tree code (extracting a suffix array, bottom-up traversal, storing the longest child suffix in each node). Therefore, I'm about half-way through implementing the algorithm.

Moved libtrace into its own github organization to reflect that libtrace is now going to be more of a community project than a WAND project. I'll still be helping out with maintaining it for now, but now the workload can be shared amongst a group of trusted libtrace users (including people outside of WAND). This will hopefully keep libtrace well looked-after, even as my available time gets more and more restricted.