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Weekly Report -- 17/02/2017




Another solid week of state machine improvements. I've been comparing the machines derived by my algorithm against the machines I can derive manually from the raw data. This has revealed quite a few failures on the part of my algorithm; a lot of the problems fell into one of two categories: 1) creating loops in situations when we probably shouldn't have or 2) a failure in the variant recognition code (both in terms of failing to recognise a variant and being too keen to decide two sequences are variants).

In the process of fixing these problems, I also discovered a bug in my original pattern extraction code that was causing it to halt too early, i.e. as soon as it has extracted a pattern of at least 4 tokens rather than the intended 20 tokens, which explains why many of the patterns I was working with were fragments of a whole sequence. Fixing that has greatly improved the quality of the machines I have been deriving, as well as revealing some patterns that I was previously always missing.

Also spent a day tidying up some of the ampy and amp-web code prior to Brendon releasing them on github. Made the old rrd-smokeping collection work again, as well as removed all of the old LPI and munin collections which we are not interested in maintaining right now.