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Weekly Report -- 17/02/2012




Spent most of my week working on the draft version of the paper on the effect of the CAA on DSL users. Finished the draft on Friday, having included plenty of (hopefully) interesting results. Anyone interested in reading over the paper should get in touch with me and I give you a copy.

Patched libtrace to support --with-foo configure options for all the optional dependencies. Apparently this is a bit of an issue with some Linux distros, e.g. Gentoo.

Released a new version of BSOD server on Friday to fix a crash issue that was occurring with recent libprotoident releases.

Spent some time looking at traffic that was being classed as SSL by libprotoident. Turns out that, with a bit of port and payload size analysis, I can sub-classify the SSL as Google talk, Apple push notifications, Facebook chat, PSN store, POP3S and NNTPS.