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Weekly Report - 16/12/11




This week I modified the colour scheme of the weathermap so that it has the KAREN colours. I also added some logos and the traffic load legend on the weathermap. When I changed colour scheme, I noticed that most of the edges on the KAREN weathermap had very small ultilisation bands (since the network utilisation is very low) and therefore the weathermap looked very dull (i.e not much colours).

After talking to Richard and Mark Apperley, we decided to re-design the traffic utilisation visualisation a bit so that the edges have 5 bars. Each different level of bars will have a different colour associated with it along with a unique utilisation indicator. For example, 1 bar will indicate the utilisation from 0% - 1% for a link and the bar will be blue; 2 bars will indicate 1% - 10% and the colours of both bars will be green, and etc.

This was a good suggestion since we cannot really make fine distinctions between say 6% and 7% using the original linear traffic utilisation visualisation method and it also added some colours to the weathermap.

The second part of the week involved me adding features/functions that I was missing on my graphs such as y-label, display options, ability to choose max/average, and etc. I also got Brendon to hook up my graphs with live data; so now clicking on any edge will take you to some graphs.

There are still some minor bugs (mostly my php script that is returning the data) with the graphs which will need some work after the break.

Weathermap link: