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Weekly Report




Managed to forget my report last week with studying for a test. Over the last couple of weeks I've got non-blocking sending working, wrote an outline of my final report, finished an assignment and almost finished one not due for another week so I should have plenty of time this week to work on my project this week. Acknowledgements and tying the persistence with the sending are the last things that need to be done in terms of implementation; I also need to make some decent headway into actually writing the final report this week as well as it is due in just four weeks. Still need to do some proper system testing too. I'll also need to do a little code tidying and function documentation at some point (the code itself is already well documented) so others at WAND may be able to use my work, as due to accepting a job offer last week (so nice to have everything organised!), I won't be able to finish things like peer-to-peer or integration into AMP off over summer as I had hoped.