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Weekly Report -- 16/09/2011




Released libtrace 3.0.12 on Monday.

Continued running performance tests for the libtrace paper. Downloaded a few pcap traces from the MAWI archive and found that libtrace was surprisingly slow at processing them. After doing some profiling, I realised the problem was actually with my test program, which was not the most efficient. Because the processing thread was so slow, it was not spending enough time reading data that the decompression thread had written into the I/O buffer. This meant that the buffer filled up and the decompression came to a halt temporarily.

Fixing the test program solved the problem, but this raises an interesting point: the effectiveness of libtrace I/O is directly tied to the user's ability to write an efficient program. It'd be nice if this was not such a major factor.

Started looking into sFlow on Friday, with an eye towards developing a way to read and write sFlow raw packet records (possibly with libtrace).

Went to Auckland on Wednesday morning to chat with Jason and Josh from Vineyard Networks. Very interesting meeting and definitely looks like there will be some opportunities to work together in the future, especially if we have students keen on getting involved in application identification.