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Weekly Report -16/02/14




Spent the past 2 weeks collecting more samples of event groups and updated the data in the spreadsheet, so I'll have a better idea of which groups have an insufficient sample size. Andrew had already finalised and entered the data for his HMMDetector for the old streams, so I made sure to include HMM events in the newer streams I analysed (afrinic, lacnic, trademe and apnic).

I also realised I had mislabelled some events detected by the Changepoint detector whenever a loss in measurements occured, so I spent some time double-checking the events and the graphs and updating the appropriate severity value. We decided to exclude them from the detector probability values, since they are a different type of event (similar to LossDetector and Noisy-to-Constant/Constant-To-Noisy updates).

I'll collect more samples (if needed!) and update the values used by the different detectors and fusion methods, and finally move on to validating the output produced by the fusion methods next.