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Weekly Report - 16 February 2018




Carrying on from last week, I finished creating a multi-link failure scenario for a Fat Tree topology of k=4. I then collected recovery time stats which I have cleaned up and graphed. While collecting the recovery stats for the topology I found a bug, which I have fixed, that was causing the VM to crash. The simulation framework stops the pktgen generation process by sending a SIGINT to its PID. This PID was occasionally incorrect due to the way it was being recorded, causing termination of a process that was critical to the system, thus crashing the VM.

Closer to the end of the week I started investigating further, separating the switches into Mininet namespaces. I found out that this feature is not supported by Mininet as OpenVSwitch needs to be exposed in order to establish a connection to the OpenFlow controller. The only way to fix this behaviour would be to modify Mininet itself which doesn't seem like such a good idea at this point time. At the end of the week, I started looking at adding latency to the control channel to be able to better simulate real network conditions.