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Weekly Report - 15/5/15




I am going to organise a meeting with Bob Durrant from Statistics to discuss my project and get his opinion on approaches etc. and Bob has suggested an expert on text mining that would be glad to discuss my project.

For these upcoming meetings and in general it was suggested that I make brief summaries on the information I am working on so I created a program to process my log files and output a word frequency count for each set of input files that belong to a process; the output is in .csv format so it can easily be loaded into excel to be sorted, plotted etc. It can also take specific date as input so the logs for one specific day can be filtered.

Next I will use my program to make frequency tables for each of the processes in my log files (where the process would be considered the author in text mining), then I will take a few lines from each process to give a short summary of each process's output which will give a summary of the type of files I'm working with.