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Weekly Report




I have come to the conclusion that the microcontroller I have chosen is not really the best option due to the expense, size and most importantly very low stock availability. So the revision 2 board has been redesigned around a MSP430F5529, this a 80pin QFP with only 8Kb RAM, half the other one, but has enormous stock, is cheaper, and has all the same functionality except for the DACs. The smaller package means I do not have to have a major component on the bottom as I wasn't sure the radio was best suited for underneath. I have also manage to bring out more pins from the micro to a header, along with the JTAG pins. On the antenna front I found a datasheet no longer hosted by the manufacturer for the chip antenna that mentioned the gain, -8.6dBi, which is terrible. Therefore I am doing away with the chip antenna and moving to a SMA connector. This frees up more space and gives the option of using a wire just like the Skatterweb nodes. The board is complete but is being revised now and should be order sometime this week.