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Weekly Report -- 15/12/2017




Continued trying to get better performance out of the ndag protocol. Most of my time this week was actually spent trying to resolve some issues with the DPDK packet counters, which were not proving to be particularly accurate or useful. After a lot of debugging, I realised that my DPDK packet generator software was reading and clearing the stats for all of the DPDK interfaces, not just the one it was transmitting on. Once I blacklisted the interface I was using to receive reflected ndag packets on from the packet generator, my numbers started making sense again.

Eventually I found that the best way to improve performance was to just enable jumbo frames and therefore send less multicast packets. With jumbo frames, I've been able to capture, encapsulate, export and subsequently receive a sustained 10G with no real issues.

On the OpenLI side, I've improved the API around my decoding code so that I can easily perform the main tasks that libtrace and libpacketdump will require. Specifically, I now have API functions for getting the timestamp, record length and start of the IP capture field from an ETSI-encoded packet. I've also added a "get next field as a string" function for generating nice tracepktdump output. Hopefully with all of this in place, I should be able to integrate the decoder into libtrace by the end of the year.