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Weekly Report -15/12/13




Spent a fair amount of time reading papers on the limits and alternatives to Dempster-Schafer for combining evidence. The main limitation of D-S is that it can produce counter-intuitive results in case of strong conflict between argument beliefs. However, there are no elements of conflict in the belief functions for the detectors, which makes D-S the preferred option (until I find a better alternative). I also came across a number of other rules (Bayesian, fuzzy logic, TBM, etc) that I plan on reading about during the break.

Also spent a considerable amount of time looking at the events for the AMP-ICMP graphs for the Quarterpounder to stream. There are a huge number of events, which makes grouping and rating them take forever. I need to do more of the amp-icmp stream analysis before calculating the belief values for each detector, and that's something that I plan on doing during the break too.