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Weekly Report -- 15/07/2016




Ported my event group pruning code from amp-web to a separate daemon that runs as part of netevmon. Rather than tweaking the event groups prior to displaying them on the dashboard, the daemon periodically fetches the most recent event groups from the database and checks for any redundancies that can be pruned. If any are found, the database itself is updated in place.

The benefits of this approach over the amp-web approach are that we can save on space in the event database and we don't need to do the full redundancy processing every time someone loads the dashboard. The one downside is that any merges are effectively permanent so I have to be very careful about testing my redundancy checks before rolling them out live.

Found and fixed some more Influxdb memory problems when using the matrix. Most of the problems related to us using the last() function, which for some reason can result in Influxdb loading the whole table into memory. I've managed to rewrite the queries that used last() so that they don't require anywhere near as much memory (or processing time) so tooltips, in particular, should be a lot faster to process and less likely to push the server into swap.

Got the waikato capture point back up and running after its disks were replaced on Thursday. Used it to demo BSOD to various visitors who were here for the CSC.