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Weekly Report -- 15/03/2013




Short week this week, as I spent Thursday and Friday in Wellington at the cricket.

Wrote an assignment on libtrace for 513, along with some "model" answers.

Continued reading and editing Meenakshee's report.

Had a vigorous discussion with Brendon about what he needs the NNTSC export protocol to do to support his AMP graphing needs. Turns out the protocol needs a couple of new features, namely binning/aggregation and a no-more-data indicator, which I started working on adding. So far, this has mostly involved taking some of the working code from my anomaly detector feeder program, which is an NNTSC client, and turning it into a NNTSC client API.

Put out a request to our past students for their Honours reports so that they can be published on the website. Thanks to those who have responded.