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Weekly Report - 15 December 2017




At the start of this week, I finished modifying the proactive protection recovery controller to retrieve and use the network topology dynamically when computing paths through the network. I then worked on improving the path splicing algorithm by allowing it to consider more nodes from the primary and secondary path as potential path splice destination and source nodes. I finished implementing a new version of the path splice computation algorithm which seems to be able to produce paths that are more minimally overlapping and closer to the destination node.

I also added a few more failure scenarios and network topologies to my testing framework. I then modified the failure scenario parser/loader and files of my simulation framework to allow specifying different Tcpdump logger locations for various network topologies. The loggers are used to calculate recovery time under certain failure scenarios. This modification was needed as different controllers will produce different recovery paths. Several other fixes and changes were also performed to fix bugs and problems found.

At the end of the week, I started working on extending the proactive controller to receive link failure notifications and optimise the pre-installed recovery paths based on the new network topology.