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Weekly Report -- 14/12/2012




Started writing a paper on my L7 Filter results - managed to get through an introduction and background before running out of steam.

Developed a module for Nathan's data collector that connects to Meena's LPI collector, receives data records, parses them and writes appropriate entries into a postgresql database. Ran into a bit of a design flaw in Nathan's collector - streams (i.e. the identifying characteristics for a measurement) have to be pre-defined before starting the collector. This doesn't work too well with LPI, where there are 250 protocols x 10 metrics x however many monitors one is running. Even worse, the number of protocols will grow with new LPI releases and we don't want to have to stop the collector to add code describing the resulting new streams.

Managed to hack my way around Nathan's code enough to add support for adding new streams whenever a new protocol / metric / monitor combination is observed by my module. Seems to work fairly well (at the second attempt - the first one ran into horrible concurrency problems due to a shared database connection).

Tried deploying the LPI collector at our ISP box, only to find that they've been playing with their core network a lot recently and now we don't see any useful traffic :(