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Weekly Report -13/10/13




Managed to get a working implementation of Flott which does the necessary initialisation and calculations for obtaining the t-entropy of a given string! It took longer than expected though - I was right about the objects and functions that I would need out of the original source code, but missed a number of lines in different places which meant that the tokens and values used in the calculations were incorrect, thus resulting in an incorrect output. So, I spent many, many hours adding debugging output in my implementation and the original code after each iteration/processing and compared the results to figure out what had gone wrong. I was then able to produce a t-entropy value that was very close to the original program's output. After going over the original code again, there was a scaling factor that I had missed and that fixed the last issue.

Over the next week, the plan is to refactor the code and finalise it for addition to Netevmon.