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Weekly Report -- 12/10/2012




Short week this week - took leave on Thursday and Friday.

Released a new version of libtrace (3.0.15) on Monday. Mostly just a few little bug and build fixes, but it had been a while since the last release. Also submitted a patch for the FreeBSD libtrace port which had been broken for a very long time.

Did a bit more refinement on my Plunge and ArimaShewhart event detectors. They're at a stage now where the number of false positives is close to none. False negatives are a bit harder to identify, of course. The next sensible step is probably to think about testing against real-time data and manually validate the events as they roll in.

Spent a day looking at the latest LPI data from a live analysis I have running on our ISP monitor. Managed to get some up-to-date stats on application usage for last September but haven't had a chance to look over it in detail yet.

I did note a bit of an increase in the amount of unknown UDP traffic, so chased up a few of the more common patterns. Have added 3 new protocols to libprotoident as a result: ZeroAccess (a trojan), VXWorks Exploit and Apple's Facetime / iMessage setup protocol.