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Weekly report 12/09/2016




Last week, I added a configuration to RheaFlow's configuration file to make TTL decrements on the switches optional because the some of the tests conducted showed that some OpenFlow switches are not able to perform this action in hardware. I also conducted more tests with the Pica and ZodiacFX switches, both switches are unable to process IPv6 related flow rules because in the case of the ZodiacFX switch IPv6 is not fully supported while the Pica requires multi-table rules to process IPv6 related flows because the IPv6 fields are too large to be processed by the switch hardware in a single table. I also tested multiple switch configuration with RheaFlow in slow path mode with two switches.

I'll be working on the code to handle packet forwarding to the controller via inter-switch link this week and verifying different configuration mode with multiple switches. I'll also get started with writing the paper for the RheaFlow.