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Weekly Report -- 12/07/2013




Made a number of minor changes to my paper on open-source traffic classifiers in response to reviewer comments.

Modified the NNTSC exporter to inform clients of the frequency of the datapoints it was returning in response to a historical data request. This allows ampy to detect missing data and insert None values appropriately, which will create a break in the time series graphs rather than drawing a straight line between the points either side of the area covered by the missing data. Calculating the frequency was a little harder than anticipated, as not every stream records a measurement frequency (and that frequency may change, e.g. if someone modifies the amp test schedule) and the returned values may be binned anyway, at which point the original frequency is not suitable for determining whether a measurement is missing.

Added support for the remaining LPI metrics to NNTSC, ampy and amp-web. We are now drawing graphs for packet counts, flow counts (both new and peak concurrent) and users (both active and observed), in addition to the original byte counts. Not detecting any events on these yet, as these metrics are very different to what we have at the moment so a bit of thought will have to go into which detectors we should use for each metric.