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Weekly Report -- 12/04/2013




Another short week, due to being away on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Started writing up a decent description of the design and implementation of NNTSC, which would hopefully make for a decent blog post. It also means that the entire thing is stored somewhere other than in my head...

Revisited the eventing side of our anomaly detection process. Had a long but eventually productive discussion with Brendon about what information needs to be stored in the events database to be able to support the visualisation side. We decided that, given the NNTSC query mechanism, events should have information about the collection and stream that they belong to so that we can easily filter them based on those parameters. We used to use "source" and "destination" for this, but streams are defined using more than just a source and destination now.

Updated anomalyfeed, anomaly_ts and eventing to support the new info that needs to be exported all the way to the eventing program. In the process, I moved eventing into the anomaly_ts source tree (because they shared some common header files) and wrangled automake into building them properly as separate tools. Got to the stage where everything was building happily, but not running so good :(