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Weekly Report - 12 January 2018




This week I finished the implementation of all parts of the optimisation mechanism of the proactive controller, which optimises installed recovery paths. While testing I have found several issues and bugs which I have resolved. I then refactored the controllers to clean them up and remove any duplicated code where appropriate. I have also ensured that the controllers have adequate comments.

I then modified the recovery time simulation framework to allow specifying the state for each individual topology. My recovery time framework uses a wait state file which defines the state the network switches (flow and group rule elements), have to be in before starting the failure experiment. This was defined as a per controller file before the modification. Differences in topology may make the wait state mechanism inaccurate. It would have also only worked on topologies that are similar which restricts our simulation testing.

At the end of the week, I have cleaned up, processed and graphed the stats that I have collected which look at the recovery time of the 3 controllers on 3 different topologies using 5 failure scenarios.