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Weekly Report -- 11/01/2013




Spent most of my week working with Meenakshee's LPI collector. The first step was to move it out of libprotoident and into its own project, complete with trac - this meant that future libprotoident releases are not dependent on the collector being in a usable state. Added support to the collector to track the number of local IP addresses "actively" using a given protocol. This is in addition to the current counter that simply looks at the number of local IP addresses involved in flows using a given protocol - an IP receiving BitTorrent UDP traffic but not responding would not count as actively using the protocol (i.e. the new counter), but would count as having been involved in a flow for that protocol (i.e. the old counter).

After meeting with Lightwire, it was suggested that a LPI collector that could give a protocol breakdown per customer would be very useful. As a result, I added support for this to the collector. In terms of the increased workload, the actual collection process seems to manage ok, but exporting this data over the network to the Nathan database client doesn't work so well.

Added some basic transaction support to Nathan's code, so that all of the insertions from the same LPI report are now inserted using a single transaction. Ideally, though, we need to be able to create transactions that cover multiple LPI reports - perhaps by extending the LPI protocol to be able to send some sort of "PUSH" message to the client to indicate that a batch of reports is complete.

Went over the collector with callgrind to find bottlenecks and suboptimal code. Found a number of optimisations that I could make in the collector, such as caching the name strings and lengths for the supported protocols rather than asking libprotoident for them each time we want to use them. I also had a frustrating battle with converting my byteswap64 function into a macro - got there in the end thankfully.

Finished up the draft of my L7 Filter paper.