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Weekly Report -- 10/03/2017




Went back and finished making libflowmanager work with parallel libtrace. The remaining problem had been that the expiry modules were not thread-safe, so I've rewritten them to be classes so that the expiry lists are local to each module. Testing with lpi_protoident has proven these changes to work (at least when reading from a trace file), so I can continue updating the rest of the libprotoident tools to be parallel-libtrace compatible soon.

Spent the remainder of my week validating some of the FSMs produced by my model generation algorithm. Overall, the results are starting to look fairly good -- most of the machines being generated by my code are close matches to the ground truth machines, and there are very few duplicate or redundant machines. The most obvious outstanding problem is related to "tandem repeats", i.e. sequences of multiple system calls that can be repeated any number of times (such as "read,write,read,write,read,write", where "read,write" simply repeats until the action is over. Started looking into methods where I could detect tandem repeats so that I can try to encode them as a single self-repeating state.