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Weekly Report -- 10/02/2017




Another short week of refinement on the FSM generation code. Fixed a major bug in my pattern-mining code that was causing it to return substrings that overlapped as the most common repeated substring. Also spent a lot of time refining the code that determine whether a sequence is a variant of another; now, a short sequence that is entirely encompassed by another much longer sequence is considered a good match despite the number of tokens in the long sequence that are unmatched.

Put together a poster describing the FSM work, as CROW are interested in displaying it at the CultivateIT event next week. Even if they don't use it there, it'll probably be handy to have available at some point.

Helped Brendon test out some code polishing that he has done to NNTSC before putting it up on GitHub. Went through and removed some outdated code in the repo (specifically the LPI modules) and updated the docs to not refer to our non-working modules so hopefully nobody will try to use them.