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Weekly Report -- 09/12/2016




In Wellington for STRATUS forum on Monday. Had a few interesting chats -- definitely a lot of people out there interested in anomaly detection in a variety of contexts.

Continued refining my FSM generation code. Managed to get rid of most of the obviously incorrect transitions in my test cases now. There's still a bit of work to do in terms of tidying up some orphaned states that are left over as a result of the code realising they are redundant and trying to choose better start states, but my main focus before the end of the year will be tidying up the code and making sure it is sufficiently documented so I'll be able to pick it up again in the new year.

Fixed a bunch of small problems with amp-web and NNTSC that we've known about for a while. Started working on replacing the matrix selection tabs with dropdowns and combining related "tabs" into a single matrix type, e.g. http duration and http page size are combined into a single "http" matrix with the ability to change the metric using a dropdown.