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Weekly Report -09/03/14




Spent first half of the week finishing up events and double-checking up the values and finally got a sufficient sample size for each of the event group categories that I was using. Then, I spent an unfortunate amount of time calculating the values to use for the different belief fusion methods for each of the groups. Turns out that Google Docs is not that smart and doesn't know exactly what I want it to do. So, lots of manual cell address entering, formula rechecking, and whatnot.

Finally, I started updating the eventing script to add the recent changes, e.g. Hidden Markov Model detector. I also added triggers to the eventing script to detect when each of the fusion methods reaches/exceeds a significance probability value (95% currently). This will be used to determine which fusion method is the fastest at declaring which events are significant. Also added code to output the order in which the detectors fired for any event group, since it might be interesting to see if there is a pattern in there.