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Weekly Report 09/02/2016




Have finished the implementation using InfluxDB, and have spent some time ironing out bugs. Influx Conitinuous Queries only automatically query the last couple of bins of data in real time, so when inputting old data it needs to be explicitly rolled up. Have created code to do this.

Also did a bit of a hack to get the smoke arrays behaving a bit more sensibly when there are less than 20 observations per bin. Doesn't make sense to take 20 percentiles of 3 results, so needed to just return raw results if there were less than 20 of them. Currently doing this by still rolling up the percentiles and then taking only as many percentiles as we have results. Seems to be working, but not an ideal implementation. Would be good to do this at database level but can't with InfluxDB.

Will walk Brendon through what I've done this week so someone else can revisit the code once I leave.