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Weekly Report -- 08/03/2013




Added a data parser module to NNTSC to process the tunnel user count data that we got from Lightwire. Managed to get the data going all the way through to the event detection program which spat out a ton of events. Spent a bit of time combing through them manually to see whether the reported events were actually worth reporting -- in a lot of cases they weren't, so I've refined the old Plateau and Mode algorithms a bit to hopefully resolve the issues. I also employed the Plunge detector on all time series types, rather than just libprotoident data, and this was useful in reporting the most interesting behaviours in the tunnel user data (i.e. all the users disappearing).

Added a couple of new features to the libtrace API. The first was the ability to ask libtrace to give you the source or destination IP address as a string. This is quite handy because normally processing IP addresses in libtrace involves messing around with sockaddrs which is not particularly n00b-friendly. The second API feature was the ability to ask libtrace to calculate the checksum at either layer 3 or 4 based on the current packet contents. This was already done (poorly) inside the tracereplay tool, but is now part of the libtrace API. This is quite useful for checksum validation or if you've modified the packet somehow (e.g. modified the IP addresses) and want to recalculate the checksum to match.

Also spent a decent bit of time reading over chapters from Meenakshee's report and offering plenty of constructive criticism.