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Weekly Report -- 07/11/2012




Managed to get native BPF socket capture exporting correctly over the RT protocol. Changed the build system to make it possible to export captures taken using a native socket interface over RT to a machine running a different OS to the capture host, e.g. capture using Linux Native, export to a FreeBSD box.

WDCap now builds and runs on both Mac OS X and FreeBSD. Also changed the way the disk output module names files, based on some code submitted by Alistair King. You now specify your output filename format using strftime-style conversion modifiers, which offers a bit more flexibility to users rather than them being stuck with our particular file naming convention.

Continued working closely with Meenakshee on the new collector. Designed a binary format for exporting our collector messages called the libprotoident collector protocol (or LPICP for short).

L7 Filter:
Finished collecting traces for most of the protocols I wanted to test with L7 Filter and collated the initial results. Wrote a blog post about it ( and started working on a paper.