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Weekly Report -06/10/13




Over the last two weeks, I have been working on the TEntropy detector.

During the first week, I used anomaly_ts and anomaly_feed and produced output for a number of different streams by using a combination of different metrics, string lengths, sliding window sizes, and range delimiters. After producing strings for each sliding window sample, a python script calls the external t_Entropy function with the string as a parameter to obtain the average t-Entropy for each string and pipes the output to a file. I then wrote another Python script to produce a Gnuplot script for producing time-series graphs so that I could inspect the results. At this point, it was apparent that the t-Entropy detector was a feasible option and hence, I had to start implementing the actual t-entropy calculations within Netevmon.

Spent last week going over the T_Entropy library that I found called Fast Low Memory T-transform (flott), which is used to compute the T-complexity of a string which in turn is used to compute the t-Entropy. Unfortunately, the library consisted of around a dozen .c and header files, which made it somewhat tricky to determine which parts I would need. So, I spent around 3 days looking over the source code and trying to understand it before starting to work on adding the necessary bits to a new detector. Found the function that is used for calculating the actual t-complexity, t-information and t-entropy values, so have been working on duplicating those calculations. However, there are a number of other initialisation functions that are required before the t-* can be calculated, so I have to look into them at some point.
Also had a bunch of marking to do, so couldn't spend all week working on the flott adaptation.